26 September 2010

Testing, testing

Jag har aldrig bloggat förut, så det här blir ett intressant experiment. Borde förstås ägna mig åt andra och viktigare saker, men nu råkade det bara vara så att jag var på rätt humör för att inleda min bloggkarriär. ;-)

Här är en bild av mitt senaste projekt:

I've never blogged before, so this is going to be an interesting experiment. I guess I have other and more important things to do at the moment, but, well, I happened to be in the right mood to start my blogging career. ;-)

This is an image of my latest project:


  1. your blog is off to a great start Annika!!!Welcome to the blogging world! I have been blogging for several years and really love it. Blogging has really elevated my art and I have met some wonderful people. My best advice is to post often and to always include pictures. I also love Mellies work and that is how I found your blog- so that was a good way to spread the word!!! I am of Swedish origin and wish that I could speak and understand more athan a few words of Swedish. I have wonderful memories of my Swedish grandmother and all that she taught me!! sHE WAS AN AMAZING NEEDLE WOMAN!!!
    Very best of luck with your new adventure in blogging! Leave comments on others blog and ask them to visit yours you will soon ahve a community of blogging buddies! by the way your little heart boxes are wonderful!!!
    Best Regards,

  2. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your great blogging tips and for becoming my first follower! I'm still struggling a little with the technical side of it (different functions and buttons and stuff), but I'll get there soon enough. ;-)