23 April 2011

Cooking just got more fun...

… with a cute apron.

Last time I presented four new projects that I’d started. I haven’t made very much progress with three of them, but the apron is now finished and ready for action. It’ll be a relief to put the old apron in the rag collection. As I already mentioned last time, I made the apron following Meg McElwee’s pattern for the Emmeline apron, and it’s reversible. One side is for everyday cooking, and the other side is for Christmas. I used my granddad’s old table cloth for the Christmas side. That will be a nice reminder of Christmas Past. On the other side I used two different fabrics – one patterned and one plain. I cut out motifs from the patterned fabric that was used for the bodice and fused them to the skirt, securing them with stitch.

Apart from sewing an apron, I’ve been busy drawing and painting fish for the Sketchbook Challenge. Head over to my Flickr Photostream if you want to have a look at 10 of my new-found finned friends. The yellow boxfish and pufferfish are my favourites. They’re so goofy and loveable. 

(I just had to throw in a pufferfish)