18 September 2011

She's Smiling Now

A quick Franka update. I felt inspired to continue my work on the Franka wall quilt today, and got on quite a bit. It's great to see the smile on her face. I couldn't bear to stop until her face was in place.

If you wonder how I keep track of everything, this is how I do it:

I number every pattern piece after I've drawn it on tracing paper. I have also given each separate fabric a letter, and after I've decided what fabric to use for a certain pattern piece, I write the letter after the number. When I've traced the pattern piece onto paper-backed fusible web, fused it onto fabric and cut it out, I draw a line after the letter. And finally, after I've fused a pattern piece in place on the quilt, I tick it off on the list. I feel slightly silly to share this list with you, as there's something slightly control freakish about it, but if you have a closer look, you'll see that there are 87 pieces listed already, and a few more still missing, so I need something to help me keep track of everything. Some of the pieces are so complicated that I don't want to have to cut them out twice if I can help it. (Ask me how I know...)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. She's looking wonderful, Annika! I am very impressed. Did you say the details were reverse applique or is it fused?

  2. Thank you Cheryl!

    I have considered the top layer (i.e. the water) fused reverse appliqué, even though I did cut the openings in the fabric before I applied it to the base fabric. The pieces that I pop into the black voids are fused appliqué.

    Some of the details are so small that I'll have to think carefully about how I'm going to quilt the piece later. I'm considering a top layer of tulle or organza to lock everything in place. I want to secure the small pieces with something more than just glue, but obviously I can't stitch down a fabric piece that is smaller than 1/4", as it would be shredded by the needle. I still have a lot to think about. ;-)

  3. Wow! Franka is wonderful! I cannot believe the detail you accomplished. Oh the tiny pieces would drive me to distraction. Wonderful!!!