13 November 2011

By Hook By Crook I'll Get My House in Order

It’s been quiet on my blog for a while, and the reason is that my life is going through a turbulent phase at the moment, and I’m trying to find my bearings. I bought myself a bunch of flowers, and after having spent ages trying to choose the right colour, I picked these white carnations. They have such a fresh and crisp whiteness to them that I decided I will let them symbolise a new page, a fresh canvas. For the fun of it, I also looked up the meaning of carnations in the Language of Flowers and, lo and behold!, they symbolise: health and energy, alas for my poor heart, woman's good luck gift. Excellent choice.

And then I finished my Passiflora cushion, which I’m very pleased with.

Alabama Studio Style footstool and cushion



  1. Annika, your foot stool and cushion are so beautiful. I absolutely love that cushion. I think I need to pick up some white carnations to get some energy.;-) Wishing you a relaxing week.

  2. Thanks Jeannie! Wishing you a good week too! Go and get that bunch of carnations! :)