27 November 2011

Oh By Gosh, Oh By Golly...

... it's time for mistletoe and holly!

In this part of the world we celebrate 'Little Christmas' (lillajul in Swedish and pikkujoulu in Finnish) on the Saturday before Advent Sunday. I celebrated Little Christmas by making this little bunch of mistletoe according to Susan Brubaker Knapp's directions in Quilting Arts Gifts 2010-2011, and by having a healthy helping of chocolate, nuts, my favourite cheese and mulled wine. The mistletoe is now hanging from the door frame, ready for some smooching, if a candidate happens to pass by.

My computer has been threatening to give up on me for some time, and today I finally got round to backing up my files. By gosh and by golly, there's stuff in there.... While the DVDs were burning away, I was bending wire. It was a bit fiddly at the beginning, as I haven't done much metal work before, but I got the hang of it eventually. I strung the snowflakes that I stiffened with sugar last week together with the wire, and added some beads for further embellishment. Now it remains to be seen whether the sugar will be able to hold the weight of the snowflakes, wire and beads. I might have to disassemble the mobile later and stiffen the snowflakes with another medium. It's an experiment. This is what the snowflakes look like strung together:

And here they are hanging in my kitchen window. Look at the weather: not were Christmasy yet, huh? There hasn't been any daylight to speak of  today. I wish we'd get some snow soon. It brightens things up considerably.

Happy Advent!


  1. Your photos are lovely and cheering. (We're having rain too, and the backyard is starting to get flooded.)
    Your fabric mistletoe is just wonderful. You never fail to amaze me how elegant your work is (when someone else's would just look "crafty.")

  2. Fina stjärnor i ditt förnster!

  3. Misteln blev ju fin !! Tur att du köpte kulorna.


  4. Thank you for your kind words Cheryl! I hope the flooding in your backyard isn't too severe. We wouldn't want it to mess up your beautiful holiday décor!

    Tack Gunborg och mamma! Jag blev riktigt nöjd med bägge preojekten. Är bara lite fundersam över det där sockret i snöflingorna. Men vi får se hur det går. Det går ju att tvätta bort och fixa om.

  5. Your mistletoe turned out so beautiful. As Cheryl said, it is elegant. I also love the crochet snowflakes. I have been making some as well and hopefully they will be done before it snows again.

  6. Jeannie, thanks! Of course it's easier to succeed when you have a good pattern to follow, so I definitely want to give Susan Brubaker Knapp some of the credit! ;-)
    I hope I'll be able to see your snowflakes too, when they're finished.