18 December 2011

I'm Spinning Around

This past week has been pretty awful. Last Sunday I felt a bit dizzy in the evening, and the next morning when I got up for work I was so dizzy that I had to take support from the walls on my way to the bathroom. I went to see a doctor, who ordered a few days of rest. By Wednesday, however, the dizziness was even worse: the whole world was spinning, I couldn't focus my eyes and I could hardly stand on my own two legs. Back to the doctor I went and was diagnosed with BPPV - benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Next I went to a psysical therapist, who said that the muscles in my neck and jaw are so tense that they press on the balance organs, thus causing the vertigo. By now I'm much better, my world is only rocking gently, as after a couple of days at sea, and I don't experience any motion sickness any longer. I'm going back to the therapist a couple of more times before Christmas. But listen to this: the therapist told me there shouldn't be any knitting, crochet, sewing or embroidery for a while, as I need to rest my neck. Wha-wha-wha-what-WHAT!?!

Well. Ok. Wednesday was such a nightmare that I'm going to take her advice seriously. If I want to be creative, I'll just have to come up with ways to do it without straining my neck. Or I could just decide to catch up on my reading. That's not bad either.

My Mum, bless her, came to the rescue on Thursday, and spent the weekend with me, as support. We ventured out for a little walk on Friday and cut a few sprigs of fir for a tiny Christmas tree.

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
Wie treu sind deine Blätter!

I haven't let vertigo stop my progress on the Doodlendar though:


  1. Annika, so sorry to hear about this! I understand how you feel. I had a down and out day yesterday due to a "sick" headache. Layed in bed and thought about how bored I was, and how do people deal with not being able to use their creative skills for physical reasons. Thank goodness it is over today and I am back to sewing. So wonderful you had your mom to help you. My guy brought me pizza, and I don't think I ever ate anything so slowly and cautiously in my life. (I also didn't even finish one slice.) A bad head is great for dieting!

  2. I am glad that working with your body will change your experience. I am sorry this is happening to you. But oh so glad that your doodle-arama is coming along so well!

  3. Oh no! Vertigo is not fun at all! I hope you feel better soon. Perhaps some stretching at intervals will help. I have a problem neck and I will wear a neck brace on occassion to give the muscles a rest. I hope the therapist can offer advice on how to still create. I love your doodle-arama. Take care and have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Thanks Cheryl, Melly and Jeannie! You're the best blog buddies a girl can have! A wonderful holiday season to all of you! Hugs all around!