26 January 2012

Stamps #8 to 12

Here are the last five stamps in my 12 Days, 12 Stamps challenge. My mock carvings inspired me to move onto runes, but first I decided to challenge myself and the craft foam with a more intricate letter. I simply wrote a capital A in a font I liked in a text editing programme, enlarged the letter until I was happy with the size and traced it right off the screen. I cut it out very carefully and got two stamps out of one: a positive and a negative image. Fun!

I've been rather busy this week, so the runes were a good choice as they were simple to make. I picked the ones that spell my name. I hope I picked the right rune for A, because there were two different ones, and I didn't have time to study them further then. It seemed a bit complicated. I'm planning to make the whole futhark eventually.

Here's the whole collection together with my sketchbook:

I haven't yet decided what my next challenge will be, but I'm thinking about a "try-something-new-every-day"-challenge.


  1. I have been fascinated by runes for years and did some embroidery using them. It must be a latent Norse/Welsh gene kicking in. I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. xo

    1. Jeannie, have you ever tried knitting runes? The knitter Elsebeth Lavold wrote a book with Viking knits that contains a knitted futhark. Have a look at it here: http://www.amazon.com/Viking-Patterns-Knitting-Inspiration-Projects/dp/157076137X

      I have the book myself and have knitted the sweater on the upper left side on the back cover. I haven't yet tried any runes though.