6 May 2012

Spider Lily

I just had to post a couple of images of my spider lily, which is in bloom. It's been many years since the last time, and I've been waiting and hoping every spring since that. To my great joy I discovered a flower stem a week ago and today the first of five buds opened. The scent is wonderful: vanilla and cardamom. I keep returning to it to admire its beauty and inhale the scent.

The flower stem with five hidden buds

The first bloom has opened

Isn't it wonderful? It's like a little piece of Thailand in my own home.


  1. Den är lika vacker som förr !
    Hälsar mor !

  2. Ihana! Mikä ihmeen kasvi?

    1. Se on liljakasvi ja sen suomenkielinen nimi näyttää olevan lukinlilja (Hymenocallis littoralis). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hymenocallis_littoralis