22 July 2012

A New Flatmate

I have a new flatmate! Her name is Donna (ok, the name tag says Diana, but she's definitely a Donna to me) and she moved in with me only a few days ago. And the best thing is that we're the same size, so she's going to help me out with dressmaking. Isn't that a great pal to have around?

Here she is:

And below she is posing with the moth wings shrug that I've mentioned earlier in this post (,where I also posted a link to the pattern, should anyone be interested). A month ago the shrug was only an anonymous rectangle of crocheted squares, and now it's all finished:



Speaking of moths, I saw a new and interesting moth/butterfly the other day. Look at the patterning on the wings! Isn't that a beautiful border pattern? I might have to borrow it for something.

Thanks for visiting and see you again soon! - Annika


  1. Donna appears to be the perfect flat mate, quiet, doesn't make a mess with your art supplies, doesn't shed, etc. I really like your moth wing shrug - very elegant. The moth is gorgeous! the way the body is highlighted by the coloring is beautiful. I also like the artwork behind Donna. Did you create it?

    1. Thanks! The moth wings shrug was fun to make, when I finally came to grips with the gauge. At one point I didn't think I'd ever finish it... Yes, I drew and painted the artwork myself. It's a fairy on a leaf, painted in acrylics on chipboard (particle board). I drew it in small scale and enlarged it with the help of a grid to fit the board. The contours were drawn with a broad permanent marker after the painting was done. Simple, but effective!

  2. You know? I don't like moths, really it is about their unpredictable flight patterns. They seem to beam me in the head! They are really pretty and useful in the environment though, so I forgive them their idiosyncrasies. I posted to Flickr about this too.