19 November 2012


I'm sorry that I have been a stranger to this blog this autumn! I hope you haven't forgotten me. It's not that I've been idle, on the contrary. I've been working like a horse with all sorts of crafts. I just haven't had the time and energy to blog about it all afterwards. I hope that will change soon! Until then, here's an image of a fun little wishing owl I did with the kids. (It's based on Lynn Krawczyk's pattern.) 

Thanks for still remembering me! - Annika


  1. Thanks for the update!!! I have been wondering if you had gone off with a gypsy caravan or something. LOL! Glad to hear you are creating and having fun. xo

  2. Well at least I get to hear from you on Facebook, but I do miss seeing what you are up to! I know how much energy all the reporting takes, and sometimes I need to decide between gettting art done or talking about it. With your situation, i realize it is your livelihood.