19 June 2013

Baby Wipe Shibori Revisited

For the last couple of weeks I've kept my sewing machine and fingers busy. I finished a skirt and a blouse that've been hanging around in my sewing basket for quite a while (how satisfying!), I've experimented with paper fabric (and there will be more, rest assured!), I've made a batch of cards, and I've sewn some small purses for an upcoming craft fair. I'll get back to these projects in my next blog entries, but this time, I thought I'd share the cards with you.

A friend asked me if I could make her some cards, and that inspired me to make a whole bunch of them in a technique I enjoy. Here's a sample:

You've seen the backgrounds before, in this blog entry, which was a direct result of this blog entry. As you can see, I've made good use of my shibori-style baby wipes. I've drawn the motifs myself, scanned them, printed them on cardstock and cut them out, before attaching them to the cards with thick double-sided tape for a 3-D effect.

(Oh, and of course I added a bit of glitz with craft foil. That goes without saying.)

Thanks for dropping by! - Annika

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