24 July 2013

Iced Parfait on the Menu

Today was supposed to be a sunny day, but something obviously went wrong in the weather department. So I'll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow instead. Meanwhile, I'm going to share with you a cool technique I tried a few weeks ago on a sunny day: ice cube dyeing.

I followed Carol Ludington's directions for iced parfait in issue 57 (June/July 2012) of Quilting Arts Magazine. What you need is soda soaked fabric, ice cubes, fiber reactive dye in powder form and a tall container with a lid. Scrunch, pleat, fold or twist the fabric, and place it in the container. Add a layer of ice cubes and sprinkle dye powder on top of the ice cubes. Then add another layer of fabric, ice and pigment. There was room for three layers of fabric, ice and pigment in my container. This is what it looked like with all three layers:

A close-up
One more close-up, just because of the yumminess

At this point, when all the ice had melted, and there was a lot of muddy water in the container, it was time to feel a bit worried:

But there was no need for worry (top layer):
Ok, admittedly the middle layer is pretty wild:

The bottom layer, to my surprise, wasn't mud coloured:

Iced parfaits will definitely be on the menu again. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, and more fun stuff soon! - Annika


  1. Gorgeous!!! I love parfait dyeing and you are so right, mud does tend to make me concerned. It always amazes me when I was out the bottom layer, which I fear is going to be some variation of yuck, only to find beautiful colors. Your pitcher of iced cloth looks so pretty. I'd love to figure out how to make a potable drink that looked so festive. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to hear that it is normal that even the bottommost layer turns out nice, and I agree: there should be a drink that looks as yummy as a pitcher of ice and pigment! A wonderful rest of the week to you too!