5 October 2013

Fabric + Paper = Paper Fabric

I've been preparing a weekend course on how to make paper fabric and how to use it, and today I want to share some of the things I've been working on. Earlier examples of when I've played with paper fabric can be found here and here.

Here's a collection of "raw" paper fabric - that is paper fabric which hasn't been decorated with paint and stitch.

See the one in the middle, with a poppy shape? It's made with papers that I used to clean my stencils after printing poppies and fake script (for this project). Nothing goes to waste! :-)

I've made several kinds of purses, e.g.


The red paper fabric in the background later became a notebook cover:

By adding a bit of padding and a soft lining, you can make a cute eyeglass case:

And if you don't like sewing, cut it into strips and weave it into a little basket. The one in the background is made from birch bark, and the other one from paper fabric. Pretty neat, huh? They have a very similar feel to them.

There's just so much you can do with paper fabric! What a great way to recycle some of the paper that you have lying around the house.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and see you again soon!
- Annika


  1. Lovely pieces!! I'm working on some paper fabric right now....heading out to the studio in a few minutes to get back to work!
    I'm totally in love with your wonderful embroidery piece on the sides of your blog! The colors are fabulous!
    Thanks for your kind thoughts a post on my FB timeline this AM. It meant a LOT! The chemo went well, and I will have one more day of energy before the weakness hits me.....but by Monday noon I will be back to the old me again! ;-) Chemo is a funny thing....it pumps poison into your body so that you can live! I'm very thankful for it, let me tell you!
    Have a wonderful day....or at least, what is left of it for you!!

    xxoo, or as my Swedish family says, Kram!


    1. Thank you Judy for your kind words! The background texture comes from an art quilt I finished a few years ago:http://salundannika.blogspot.fi/2010/12/here-comes-sun-little-darling-i-feel.html

      I'm glad you liked the cartoon: it's one of my favourites. I'm also glad the chemo went well, and hope you get lots of rest so you'll recover back to your old self again soon! Take care, and kram to you too!