24 October 2011

Flora & Fauna

It's time for another quick Franka update. By now I've added the flowers and the fish and started working on the thought bubble.

All those tiny spaces inside the letters... They were a total surprise to me. I hadn't noticed them before I drew the outside of the letters. It's probably just as well I didn't. :D

Behind the thought bubble you can catch a glimpse of another project, which turned out to be a little more ambitious than I expected. That's perfectly normal in my world. I still haven't learned that whenever I think "That shouldn't be too hard" or "That shouldn't take too long", an alarm bell should go off. But it's probably just as well it doesn't. :D


  1. Annika, Franka is looking so good. I am just in love with this. It makes me smile. I laughed out loud at "this shouldn't take too long". That phrase should be outlawed! I have learned to add twice the time I think something "should" take to my schedule. Wishing a beautiful week.

  2. Thanks Jeannie! Franka makes me smile too. It's just such an attractive image, isn't it, floating like that with a big happy smile. A beautiful week to you too!

  3. Hej, vi testar med mamma om vi kan kommentera :D Ha det bra!

  4. Och det lyckades! Tack, det är alltid roligt att få kommentarer! Ha en skön söndag. Jag ska börja vrida tillbaka klockorna nu. Jippii, en extra pysseltimme. ;-)