13 March 2012

Final Report From My Dyecation

I've been away from my blog for a while, as things got a little crazy here again. But now I'm back with a few final pictures from my dyecation. I still haven't shown you the third, dark gradation that I did after the medium and light gradations. I must admit that I didn't think I would like the dark colours, and thought they would be too murky and gloomy for my taste. But luckily I was wrong. This gradation produced some of the deep purples and plums that are my favourite colours to wear, and some beautiful petroleum blue.

 I was left with quite a lot of unused dye, which I used for overdyeing

black-on-white fabric...

and white-on-white fabric.

And here's a trick I learned from Melanie Testa (Inspired to Quilt):

- dyeing embroidery floss with the help of floss holders!

Doesn't that make you want to grab a needle?

And here's a week's worth of dyeing adventures:

These are among my favourite fabrics:

I'm having a short break from dyeing now, but I will soon continue with the warm gradation (golden yellow, scarlet and medium blue). Then I will soon need to come up with a way of using all my fabrics, because there isn't any more room in my tiny flat...

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week! - Annika


  1. Glorious colors! I love the overdyed fabrics and your solids are beautiful. I am using some of my dyed threads from Melly's class in my jacket. I just love to use hand dyed threads. Thanks for sharing you dyecation! Now you might think about indigo! (insert evil laugh! It is even more fun and magical.) Wishing you a fun filled week.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with what I've accomplished so far. Next, I'll start thinking about surface design (overdyeing, printing, stencilling, discharging, foiling, oh, the possibilities...). Ha, ha, I will, however, do my best to stay away from indigo for the time being, as I have too much to try as it is. But I expect it will sneak into my schedule sooner or later, as these things usually do. ;-)

  2. Det här börjar påminna om regnbågen. Härligt!

    1. Tack! Det var en riktig färgfest och jag ser fram emot att fortsätta den om ett par veckor. ;-)