3 March 2012

Let There Be Lights

Here's the second gradation that I've done from the same three primary colours that were used for the first gradation (lemon yellow, fuchsia and turquoise), only this time the dye is diluted with water to make lighter values.

These 'mystery fabrics' were made with leftover dye

The third and final gradation (dark value) is now batching in the same old icecream tubs as the other ones before it. I've certainly practised my rinsing skills this week.

As I know that some of you readers are unfamiliar with Procion MX dye, I've decided to write a blog post that I hope will explain things a little. But that will have to wait for tomorrow, because I feel I've had enough of dyeing for one day. I think I'll just sit down, put my feet up and do something completely different.

Have a great weekend! - Annika

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