26 December 2012

On the First Day of Christmas...

Happy holidays everyone! I’m sorry that I’ve been a stranger to this blog all autumn. I’ve been working hard, and I guess sometimes you just have to give yourself a break and accept that you don’t always have time and energy for everything. I’ve neglected a lot of the things I normally love to do, but now I feel it’s time to reclaim those things. I guess it’s all about planning: I need to consciously make time for art again, as well as blogging. I’m starting with a short update on what I’ve been up to so far during my Christmas break.

I’ve been working on two new Pretty Purses:

Purse 1, quilted (in progress)

Purse 2, quilted (in progress)

and with added hand embroidery (in progress)

I’m also working on a mini quilt with the same poppy motif I used last summer.

Surface designed fabric ready to be quilted

Quilted, and with some hand embroidery (in progress)

And, joy of joys, I did some work in my sketchbook, inspired by patterns I found on a gift wrap and a flower pot:

And of course I have a Christmas knitting project…

for when I want to relax in the sofa with Fia the Terri(fi)er. (Mum’s busy hands can be seen knitting in the background.)

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for dropping by! - Annika


  1. What beautiful eye candy to see! Of course, you know that I love your poppy. The purses are beautiful and the floral motif in your sketchbook is gorgeous. It reminds me of the pattern on my Mom's silverware. Fia is so adorable.:)Wishing you the happiest of New Years. Her is to a fabulous, creative 2013!

  2. I love your sketchbook pages, very vibrant and distinctive, and the texture of dye on your first purse looks amazing! Can't wait to see what you produce in 2013 :)

  3. Thanks Jeannie and Melanie for your kind comments! I wish you both a creative 2013. May your shelves be filled with fabric and your hearts filled with joy!