10 February 2013

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Gosh, the weekend just flew past me, and here we are: Sunday evening again. I promised you more images of my spray printing experiments, and here they are.

I used stencils and masks (hand made, commercial, as well as found ones), and printed with them each time I'd sprayed over them. No point in wasting good paint! So I have both positive and negative prints now. Very nice. Another thing I tried was spraying wet into wet, and letting the paint seep through the fabric onto another peice of fabric underneith. That produced the cool patterning you can see second to the right in the bottom photo. Spraying is fun. You should try it!

Thanks for visiting, and have a good week! - Annika

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful cloth! I love your stencil designs and the experiment with wet into wet is fantastic. Wishing you another fun filled weekend. xo