13 April 2013

Thinking Outside the Box

A few weeks ago I endulged myself with a bit of box-making. I love small handmade boxes. There's something about the way they sit in your hand, and the way the lid slides perfectly in place with a little rasping sound.

This time I tried something new, and while I was in an explorative mood, I decided to stitch, or close, every side of the box and lid with a different method, just to see how it worked.

Here, the box is still without its lid:

And this is how I closed the sides of the box:

In the last image, I've hidden the stiches under a fused strip of fabric.

And this is how I closed the sides of the lid:

The finished box:

Right now it's holding part of my big collection of notes on small slips of paper. I'm always writing to-do lists, taking notes and jotting down ideas on any piece of paper that happens to be nearby, and my surfaces quickly fill up with these papers. Now I have a safe place to put them until I have the time to file them properly. Yes, I know I should file them properly right away, instead of writing things on little pieces of paper, but... well... you know...

Thanks for reading, and see you again soon! - Annika


  1. I like! I love the different stitched edges and the fabric is wonderful. Now when you go looking for an idea that you wrote down, you'll know where to look! Great idea. I live with the master list maker and keeper. I swear I can find lists from 1976 in this house with items still left to do. :)Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks Jeannie! I had to laugh when I read your comment about living with the master list maker. I'm definitely one of that ilk. I hope you're having a great weekend too!

    2. En sån fin låda borde jag också ha att förvara mina minneslappar i. De har en förmåga att finnas här och där och överallt.
      Din låda är ett bra sätt att testa teknik på och samtidigt få nytta av den.
      Om jag också hade ditt tålamod.....


    3. Jepp, Gunborg: jag skulle gärna göra fler askar, där jag sätter mera tid på att göra dem riktigt lyxiga. Det här betraktar jag som ganska avskalat. ;-) Tack för kommentaren! Det tar inte så hemskt länge att göra en sådan här ask. Jag kan beskriva tekniken när vi träffas nästa gång.