18 August 2013

The Calling of the Harebell

After a week of artist’s block... well, to be honest, it’s felt more like a life block, I had enough. I wanted to do something creative and fun, but something that wouldn’t be too demanding on my uncooperative brain. So I picked out a favourite image by the fairy artist Brian Froud (from the book Faeries. Described and illustrated by Brian Froud and Alan Lee) and started  working on a pretty purse.

The original image, slightly cropped

Ingredients for a fun time: rayon embroidery thread, zipper, iced parfait hand dyed fabric, image cropped, enlarged, modified and drawn on tracing paper

 Free-motion quilting/embroidery through tracing paper

 Image sewn, removal of tracing paper (tweezers are a girl's best friend)

Tying off threads and painting in the silhoutte with a Zig brush tipped fabric marker

 Silhouette finished

Background quilting started. Let's see how this develops. These weird and wonderful flowers weren't planned. They just invited themselves in. I'm letting the magic of the fabric decide how I quilt.

I'll post more images as I progress on my little fairy purse.

Thanks for stopping by! - Annika


  1. Annika! Your fairy purse is wonderful! I will never look at the harebells in my garden again without thinking of your purse and that book. They are starts from my Grandmother's garden and I know she would love the idea of fairies dancing among them.

    1. Thank you Jeannie! There are certain flowers (such as harebells and foxgloves) that come with fairies attached to them. ;-)

  2. Det här gillar jag! Jag får kanske lov att beställa en purse av dej.

    1. Tack Ami! Vi får kanske diskutera saken vid lämpligt tillfälle! ;-)