26 January 2014

Wacky Crocodiles

I had fun this week, venturing out into The World of Screen Printing, which has a lot of white territory for me still. And what I was lacking in refined technique, I compensated with joyful abandon. I'd cut a stencil from paper and decided to try my hand at multiple prints in a repeat pattern. And not only that - I also decided to mix my colours directly on the screen. This is the result, and I call the pattern my 'wacky crocodiles'.

Some prints were perfect, others a little fuzzy around the edges, but that's how it is in life. We're not all perfect, but still lovable in our own little ways.

Here's a close-up:

I didn't measure anything, and in order to get the crocs roughly in the right place, I used the cut-out from the stencil as a placement guide: I positioned it on the fabric, aligned the screen and stencil with the cutout, removed the cutout and printed. It worked like a charm, except for the time when I forgot to remove the cutout. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the screen and the fabric was still white. But the cutout was pretty:

I'm going to collage it into my sketchbook, together with the stencil. I couldn't resist making some doodles on the stencil after I'd finished with it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and see you again next time!

- Annika

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