2 February 2014

Knot bag

A couple of weeks ago I posted images of a bag project, where I used spray paint with freezer paper resists. When I last wrote about this project I hadn't decided whether to embroider the resisted shapes or not. Of course I couldn't resist (if you pardon the pun) stitching them, as I found the perfect embroidery thread in my stash. A skein of hand dyed embroidery floss from Oliver Twists Fibres that I got in Birmingham last August. I mean, feast your eyes on this:

(The fabrics in the background are from Liberty, and I am saving them for something special.)

So, here I am stitching away. In fact it was fairly quick, as I did just a running stitch. I love running stitch. Simple, yet effective.

This little bag is perfect for holding my yarn when I knit or crochet:

One handle is shorter, and forms a simple knot when it's slipped over the longer handle:

And If you're curious about the crocheted thing dangling from the bag, it ended up in this project (which is still in progress):

Have a great day, and thanks for dropping by!

- Annika


  1. I love Oliver Twist threads. They are so colorful. Speaking of colorful, your crocheted hexie piece is gorgeous!!! Is it going to be a blanket? I love the colors and the design.

    1. Thanks Jeannie! The hexie piece is going to be some kind of shrug/capelet. I had some beautiful yarn that I wanted to use up, but it wasn't enough for a blanket. So I just started with a vague plan and continued until there was no more yarn left, and that's when I finally decided what it was going to be, and how to put it all together. A very uncommon method for me. I usually have a clear plan when I start a project. ;-)