19 June 2011


I'll get all dolled up in my gladrags, stay
up till all hours, oh
up to no good.

(Liz Lohhead)

I found these elf ears when I was looking for something else, and felt the urge to be silly. I mean, after all the serious stuff I've faced this week, I'm in need of an antidote. Of course, they're nothing compared to the stuff they used for making the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but at least they gave me something to giggle about this evening.

I wonder what they'd say at the office if I turned up like this for work tomorrow? Perhaps I should suggest this photo for my security ID badge. I'd like that.

Two more weeks, and my vacation starts. I can't wait.


  1. It's kind of like bringing cupcakes to school on your birthday: as long as you bring a pair for everone, how can anyone complain? (You look quite fetching in them, by the way.)

  2. Thanks Cheryl! I quite like the Pixie-meets-Avatar effect. You're right of course: I can't bring my only pair of elf ears to work - it would create too much jealousy among my colleagues.