5 June 2011

Mrs Eider’s Diving School for Ducklings

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment: the opening of the Diving Schools for Ducklings. I love watching the little balls of down when they start training their diving skills. They put such an enormous effort into getting under the surface, and then they bob straight up like cork. I feel very close to them. It’s the same when I try to dive. I never learned to dive as a child, and I’m still uncomfortable under water. Which is not to say that I’m uncomfortable in water. I love swimming and being in water. So, since I got the hang of snorkelling, I’m thinking perhaps some simple diving could be the next thing to try. It sure looks like a lot of fun. Perhaps I could sign up for Mrs Eider’s Diving Course. Her pupils seem to catch on pretty quickly.



  1. Isn't it wonderful to watch the babies learn about their world? I just came in from having a chat with a very trusting baby dove who is sitting on my gazebo railing.

  2. I am sure Mrs. Eider would welcome you.:) Adorable little fluffs.

  3. I missed this post and love it.