8 June 2011

Stop and Smell the Flowers

It's been a glorious evening, and I went for a little stroll to check out what's going on in Mother Nature's kindergarten. First, however, I stopped to smell the flowers. The scent of lilac is intoxicating at the moment.

A little further along I discovered that Mrs Merganser has opened a competing diving school for ducklings. Now, this is the school I want to attend! There was a lot of splashing around, and the pupils seemed to be having a great time. Mrs Merganser was a lively instructor, and when her pupils got tired, she let them crawl onto her back and off they went. The camera died on me just as she was swimming past me with four little ones on her back. I guess that's the difference between the professional photographer and the just snap-happy amateur. The pro brings an extra battery just in case.

 The Fountain diving style

 The Fairy Wheel diving style

The String of Beads diving style

The Wings of a Butterfly diving style

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  1. I did miss this post and really love your interpretation of diving styles. Too bad you weren't a pro on that day. In other things, you most certainly are a professional.