18 March 2012

Pouch, Poppy and Peonies

Last Sunday it suddenly hit me that it had been ages since I did any kind of sewing. I haven't done any hand sewing since early December or machine sewing since mid-November. If you've followed this blog you may remember that I was suffering from vertigo in December, and was advised to keep away from anything that might put a strain on my neck. At the same time my personal life was also in turmoil due to an upsetting separation, and everything that was happening just put me completely out of rhythm for months. My recent dyecation was pure therapy to me.

So last Sunday I got out my sewing machine and got started on a little project. I guess that after dyeing all that fabric I really should have used my own hand-dyes, but I decided to use commercial fabrics instead. I have some wonderful fabrics in my stash that I have been saving for a long time and now it was time to use them. I also got out one of my favourite patchwork books: Rashida Coleman-Hale's I [heart] Patchwork. The projects in it are so simple and elegant, and I love the combination of neutral linen and colourful cottons. I made the  cosmetics pouch on p. 34.

One side is purple

And the other side is red

However, I did used some of my hand-dyes for this thread-sketched card (the orange and green):

After I'd finished the pouch, card and a number of slightly tedious projects in the category 'Things-to-alter-or-mend', I got out my unfinished Alabama Chanin market bag project and did some hand sewing. 

And you know what? The ice is leaving! Spring is on its way even up here in The North. Yoohoo!

Thanks for visiting and see you again soon! - Annika


  1. Textiles are the best therapy! Your market bag is so beautiful. I love the poppy card. Is the shadow poppy fabric or paint? I just love how the two poppies interact. Wishing you a week full of sunshine and happiness. xo

  2. Many thanks Jeannie! Yes, it was very soothing to sew again after such a long break. The shadow poppy is fabric. It's curtain sheer left over from a curtain project I did many moons ago. It was fun to let the background fabric determine what the main motif should be.
    A week full of sunshine and happiness to you too! xo