7 April 2012

Happy Easter

My plans for the Easter vacation were very simple: to sleep, take long walks, finish a couple of projects and hang around with my folks and Fia the Terri(fi)er. So far, things have gone according to plan. I finshed a tank top with an Alabama Chanin-inspired motif on the back (you will recognise the peony from the market bag I finished recently)...

... as well as the slipover I started knitting in February.

 (See the bed cover? I finished that in 1998! Phew, that was a long runner. 
I don't think I'll do another one in a while.)

And here I hang around with the sweet Terri(fi)er.

Enjoy the holiday! - Annika


  1. You obviously have no fear of difficult assignments! Beautiful sweater, and love the pink shirt. I like the way the pink shows a tiny line along the cut edge of the grey stenciling. Does the underlayer just cover the underneath of the design or is the whole back double layered?

    1. Thanks Cheryl! Yes, you're right; I'm not easily daunted by a challenge, but that also means that I sometimes bite off a bit more than I can chew. However, if I know that the end result will be worth it, my patience is extremely flexible. ;)

      I also like the pink line that runs along the cut edge on the shirt. It creates more depth when the underlayer is a tad too similar to the fabric paint. It could easily look a bit flat if it weren't for the pink edge. The underlayer only covers the underneath of the design. I used a readymade new tank top for this one. The underlayer, though, is an old t-shirt.

  2. Wow! Your slipover is beautiful, but the bedspread! Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous! I know if I attempted it, I would end up with a doily and call it good. The "Terri-fier" seems to love you a lot. Wishing you a beautiful week. Hope the vertigo is a thing of the past.

    1. Thanks Jeannie! The bedspread was definitely a challenge to my patience. Nowadays I stick to doilies. ;-)

      I'm not completely cured of vertigo yet, but at least it's better. I hope to be able to return to my fitness class soon without tripping over my own feet.

      I do miss the Terrifier when I return to Helsinki. She loves to cuddle up in my lap when I'm visiting. She's a darling. Have a great weekend!