1 April 2012

Rooster and Ruffles

Easter is approaching fast, and with that four days of vacation, thank goodness. I sorely need it, as I've had a pretty hectic three weeks again and my vertigo has returned to my great dismay. I really should have stayed away from everything craft-related this weekend, but I was just so craft-starved after all the work I've done that I disregarded vertigo and crocheted this goofy bug-eyed rooster anyway, as therapy. It makes me laugh. (The pattern is from the spring issue of Novita magazine (Kevät 2012 [in Finnish].)

And I couldn't stay away from starting another project too. I've been planning to do this bag for months. This is as far as I got tonight. I love sashiko embroidery and decided to embellish the pockets with a flower motif I found in a book (Sashiko by French author Agnès Delage-Calvet). More information and images later.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week! - Annika


  1. I am so sorry the vertigo is back. Your rooster is so cute! I love it. I dug out my sashiko books last week and started adding some of the designs to my jacket. Your pocket looks wonderful with the bit of ruffle. Wishing you a world that stops moving under your feet and a joy filled couple of days off. xo

    1. Thanks Jeannie for your well-wishes! I appreciate your concern. Vertigo is definitely no fun, and I do hope it will pass soon so I can go back to my normal routines. Sashiko is great, isn't it? So simple and so stylish. Is there any place where you show images of your jacket? I'd love to see it! Have a happy, colourful and creative Easter! xo