28 April 2012

A Tower of Colour

I finally finished my gradations, and I'm really pleased with what I've accomplished. I now have 72 (including the three gradations I did earlier) new squares of scrumptious colour in my stash to work with. My fabric stash has had a very strong leaning towards yellows, reds and purples - my favourite colours, but now I have a more varied colour range in different values, which will be very useful in the future. The lighter ones will be great for overdyeing and printing, whereas the darker ones will be excellent for discharge techniques.

Here's a tower of the 36 colours I've dyed this past week:

The light gradation in close-up:

The dark gradation in close-up:

Look here for the medium gradation and information about the colours and dyes I used.

My next blog entry will deal with flour paste resist, so visit again soon if that sounds interesting to you!

Have a great weekend! - Annika

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