10 March 2013

Busy Fingers

I've been busy again for a few weeks, following a visit to the dentist's, where I had my very last wisdom tooth removed surgically. Things were a bit slow chez moi afterwards, as my jaw was pretty sore, which meant that I've had a lot to catch up with. (I was a bit worried that the last of my wisdom would go with the tooth, but I've had a few clever ideas since, so I guess I'm safe...)

My fingers have been busy this weekend, as I'll be participating in a fair (Arbismarknaden) at the adult education centre next Friday. I'm selling handprinted and machine and hand embroidered items, such as the pretty purses you've seen on this blog before (here and here (the green purse is still unsold)), these little boxes (my very first blog entry!), and these coin purses I've been making this weekend:

The prints are made with a hand carved linoleum stamp I made myself.

I also made a couple of coin purses for a friend and myself. The print on these is a monoprint which I texturised with a handcut eraser stamp in the shape of a key:

I'll report back later about the fair, Until then, have a great week, and thanks for dropping by! - Annika


  1. Your stamped little purses are so cute and I love the designs you carved. Yes, your wisdom and creativity didn't leave with your teeth. :) Wishing you much success at the fair.