29 March 2013

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

I've had a few busy weeks again, but I managed to find time to create a bit of Easter ambiance.

First I planted some grass seed. It sprouted overnight. I love the furry white hair that first appear. And the stalks. Fragile, but determined, little spears of green.

After a few days it looked like this.

The beautiful root system is the reason why I planted the seeds in a glass candle holder.

Then the chicks and chocolate eggs moved in.

I dyed these eggs some years ago, using tea, coffee, onion peels and crocus petals. Yesterday I got a tip about more natural dyes for your Easter eggs. Check it out here.

An Easter cupcake gave me renewed energy to finish what I'd started.

I made paper crocuses with the kids on Wednesday

and was so inspired that I made a whole bunch for myself. Spring is late in Finland this year, so in lieu of real crocuses, I can enjoy these instead.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Easter and Happy Spring to us all! - Annika

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  1. Happy Easter! Happy Spring!!! I don't know what to comment on first! Your crocus are gorgeous. I have never seen them made of paper and I love what you did. Your spring baskets are so cute. I have some of those little chicks that Gram used to put in our baskets every year. The cupcake! Swoon! Was it as tasty as it looks? I have been growing wheat grass all winter for our cats and my Mom's cat. I fear if I tried to use it for my decorating needs I would have some angry kitties. :) Thanks for always inspiring me. xoxo