19 July 2011

Baby Came Home to Mama

Phew, they just brought my lost suitcase home to me, and the contents were intact. What a relief. The bag certainly shows signs of having been on adventures of its own - it has been dragged through the mud, and the pull tabs on the zipper are gone - but I'm just grateful that it was returned to me.

Home again, dirty but intact

The Loot

Imagine the contents of this collection running amok in my suitcase. I did, and was not happy. But it ended well. Now it's playtime!

If any of you wonder what the three little shell-like thingies to the left are: they're ammonites (petrified prehistoric molluscs). I found them in a shop in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh, and just had to buy them. They're perfect for my stone and shell collection. I've been curious about ammonites for some time and was thrilled to find these.


  1. I love ammonites! The antiquity and the spiral shape are wonderful. Glad your suitcase made it back home and you are all set to create.

  2. Well that Setacolor didn't overturn on an Illinois highway! And what is it about those zipper pull tabs? Mine always get ripped off in air travel, too, and then it's so hard to use the zips.

  3. Glad you got your belongings back! And your art supplies.