20 July 2011


A while ago I jazzed up a cool footstool Alabama Chanin Studio Style, and I’ve been thinking that it also needs a fabulous pillow to match. Before I went to visit my folks up North nearly two weeks ago, I prepared a bag full of fun to take with me, and while there I cut out a stencil and printed some fabric to embroider on my train journey home. I was in a hurry when I prepared this project, so to save time I chose to use Natalie Chanin’s Angie’s Fall pattern, with some modifications, rather than designing my own. Isn’t it a gorgeous pattern?

Stencil cutting out in the garden. I used Magic (freezer) paper and cut everything out with a pair of small and sharp scissors.

 The Magic paper stencil’s ready to be ironed onto fabric.

Fabric paint has been applied over the stencil and is drying overnight.

The fabric is now ready to be stitched. I was careful when I removed the stencil, and will be able to use it again for another project.

So far I’ve stitched one of the four flowers, following Natalie Chanin’s instructions for relief appliqué in her book Alabama Studio Style. I might also add beads later, to add a bit of glitz. 

This is an excellent project to work with on the go, so I might save the rest for tedious train journeys. But… I doubt that I will be able to stay away from it. I’m too eager to finish it.

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